Lavalur: About us

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Christina Aenishänslin, Inhaberin und Geschäftsleiterin von Lavalur
Christina Aenishänslin, Owner and Managing Director 

My passion for property was piqued long ago. It was over 40 years ago in Tschierv in the Romansh-speaking Val Müstair. In old pictures you can see me repairing a retaining wall with my trowel and work clothes even back then. I later spent many years in the tourism industry, where I am still considered the expert for Swiss group accommodations. In a variety of different roles, I was responsible for numerous renovations, conversions and transactions for properties. I complemented my master’s degrees in economics (University of Basel) and international studies (University of Sydney) with a CAS FH in property valuation and thereby laid the groundwork for Lavalur. 


Like my passion for property, our company name also has its roots in Rhaeto-Romance. LAVALUR describes both our activity and our mission in a single word. LAVALUR means both ‘value’ and ‘appreciation’. We appraise the value of your assets with appreciation!


We are based in Liestal in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, but we are active throughout Switzerland. We employ only trained and certified property appraisers who continually sharpen their skills with further training. All of them are independent and neutral. Valuations are made in accordance with the Swiss Valuation Standard (SVS). 

We are a member of the Swiss Association of Real Estate Appraisers SIV.

We are a member of the Swiss Association of Real Estate Appraisers SIV.