Property appraisals by certified appraisers

Consultation and informed expert opinions on the market value of a property

What is my property worth?

This key question can be answered with a valuation report by Lavalur. You’ll need one in the event of a sale, financing, donation, division of an estate or divorce. It always encompasses potential uses and depreciation, as well as rental value and profitability in the case of investment properties.


Our certified property appraisers evaluate properties of all kinds in North-western Switzerland and group accommodations and vacation homes throughout Switzerland. 

Informed, independent and neutral.


Valuation reports for every situation:

  • Sale or purchase of property
  • Gift or inheritance
  • Right of residence or usufruct
  • Divorce
  • Succession

We appraise properties:

  • Single family homes and villas
  • Apartments with freehold ownership
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Building land, demolition properties, transferable development rights
  • Holiday homes and group accommodations

We evaluate easements:

  • Building rights
  • Right of residence
  • Usufruct

We analyse:

  • Use potential
  • Depreciation
  • Rental value
  • Profitability
  • Project scenarios 

The value of your property is central to many transactions and legal matters. Since high investment amounts are at stake, an informed and legally watertight valuation with prior inspection is indispensable. Viewings are also possible in the evening and at weekends. We fit in with your availability.