Value | Valuation | Appreciation.

LAVALUR – valuations with real value

You want to know the value of your property. At Lavalur, you are in good hands. We chose our company name for a reason. ‘LA VALUR’ is Rhaeto-Romance and means both ‘value’ and ‘appreciation’. For us, valuation and appreciation are inseparable values.

Your benefits through us, because we value you and your project:

  • personal consultation with trained and certified property appraisers
  • independent, informed valuations
  • always with on-site viewings, including evenings and weekends as needed
  • free initial consultation including clarification of the scope and purpose of the desired property valuation
  • transparent offer and order confirmation with scope of services, price and date

LAVALUR valuation reports include:

The scope and content of your valuation according to your requirements, defined for you in the order confirmation. A typical valuation report includes the following content over 20-40 pages

  1. Summary: results at a glance
  2. Initial situation: order, valuation documents, reservations
  3. Property details and assessment: location and building
  4. Evaluation method
  5. For investment properties: analysis of rents
  6. Calculations: structure of the interest rate, capitalised earnings value, reproduction costs, provision rates, technical devaluation; if applicable right of residence/usufruct/building rights or freehold property ownership (renovation fun
  7. Composition of the market value
  8. Key figures and returns
  9. Definitions
  10. Appendices