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On your behalf, we determine the current market value of properties, easements, transferable development rights and projects. Our informed valuation report supports you in important transactions and legal matters pertaining to purchase, sale, inheritance or giving a property as a gift. We are independent and neutral. All our appraisers are trained and certified.

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The purchase price may be higher than the market value. What this means for you as the buyer: you’re paying too much. This involves a variety of risks: financing may be difficult or impossible to obtain; you may incur additional high renovation costs; or you may make a loss when selling the property later. To avoid these troublesome pitfalls, it’s a good idea to get an appraisal of the market value before buying. 


Freehold property ownership poses additional stumbling blocks: the renovation fund often contains insufficient funds for essential renovations. We calculate the financing gap for you. You can then deduct this from the purchase price.


Do you want to assess the potential use of your property and find out the market value for the ‘highest and best use’? In this case, a market value appraisal is the right choice. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to clarify whether different use scenarios should be examined.

Giving as a gift 

Giving property as a gift through an advance inheritance or mixed gift leads to a compensation obligation in the subsequent division of the estate, which relates both to the difference to the market value at the time of the gifting and to the increase in the value of the property. A professional valuation of your property at the time of the gifting is therefore essential.


A community of heirs decides jointly on the future of a property: will it be sold, taken over by just one of the heirs or remain among the joint heirs? A professional appraisal of the market value including required renovations gives you a firm basis for making a decision and calculating the inheritance shares and the possible selling price.

Right of residence or usufruct

The right of residence and usufruct are easements that require a land register entry. They are often set up when parents transfer the residential property to their children but still want to keep living in the property. A right of residence or a usufruct results in a value for the occupants, but a reduced value for the property. So be careful with transactions involving property encumbered with residential rights. Only a professional valuation can calculate the correct market value.


In most cases, the home is the biggest shared asset in a marriage. In a divorce, the land register entry and marriage contract are decisive for the allocation or division of the home. If assets have to be balanced, a market value appraisal is indispensable.

Succession planning

The importance of property assets should not be underestimated in company successions. The basis for every decision, be it continued operation, sale or rental, is the current market value of the properties.

We appraise your property:


•    Single family homes and villas
•    Freehold properties
•    Appartment buildings
•    Commercial buildings
•    Building land, demolition properties, transferable dev. rights
•    Holiday homes and group accommodations


If applicable, with building rights, right of residence and usufruct